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A little about Jesse

With many family members in creative fields, Jesse's attraction to design was encouraged from a young age. Jesse has had many freelance clients, as well as more than 12 years of experience in studio or marketing departments. He's worn many hats as: a user experience designer, front-end engineer, accessibility specialist, marketing operations manager and more. In his spare time, Jesse enjoys hiking, kayaking, playing sports and exploring new cultures.

Jesse's values

A learner who cares about people

Jesse is an empathetic designer who keeps on top of trends. He has a mind for long-term visions, and provides robust design systems and inclusive components with a unique perspective.

Committed to an accessible web

Jesse is an advocate for accessibility on and off the web. He is a firm believer in level playing fields and is always looking for ways to make digital experiences and life more universal.

Acting ethically

Jesse has a strong sense of ideals. He does everything possible to prevent manipulation with dark user experience patterns. Instead, Jesse uses education and context to build lasting relationships.

A calling for purpose

Jesse gets behind companies with a strong purpose, and believes in missions that empowers anyone to enrich their lives. Jesse only backs companies that are meaningful to him and his values.


Boston Scientific, logo.

Jesse is a professional and extremely knowledgeable UX professional, and I've had the opportunity to collaborate with him on accessibility and design for a flagship product. Jesse's communication is excellent and he will always help the team understand the 'why' rather than just the 'what'. I've learnt a lot from Jesse during my time and appreciate that he made himself available (given that we were on different sides of the Atlantic!). His input on the product I was working on bought with it much needed UX improvements (some you wouldn't even notice unless you have an eye for detail like Jesse). I cannot recommend Jesse highly enough and wish him all the best in his career.

Shamim U.
Shamim U.
Product Manager
Boston Scientific, logo.

It has been a true joy to work with Jesse and witness him honing his craft and passions over the last several years. Jesse has developed a vast set of skills and tools to deliver exceptional experiences on our websites and other digital properties. He was a champion and leader within the organization for all things accessibility related, not only educating teams on the value of accessible design but implementing it as well. I hope to work with Jesse again in the future.

Gevry F.
Gevry F.
Director of Global Marketing Technologies

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