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Jesse A. Dugas Design Leader.

Jesse is a long-term accessibility specialist, user experience designer, front-end engineer, and occasional photographer.

Jesse on top of Arthur's Rock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Jesse's skills


Jesse has experience in accessibility product management, training, design, and development standards across WCAG 2.0-2.2 and POUR standards.

User Experience Design

Jesse has vast experience in user experience design including but not limited to: information architecture, road map planning, interactive prototypes, and interactive design.

Front-End Development

Jesse utilizes HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript ES6 to create effective layouts, designs, or even functional prototypes. Familiarity with React, Next, Gatsby, Vue, and Nuxt.

Visual Design

Jesse takes a visual approach to design and development. He always aims for designs that are accessible, on-brand, and functional. All while ensuring requirements are met.

User Research

Jesse has conducted hundreds of user research sessions with well over 500 participants. He takes great pride in setting hypotheses, A/B testing, and analyzing data.

Project Management

Across the digital spectrum, Jesse is quick to develop a concise plan to monitor, evaluate, analyze, design, develop and implement any task that comes his way.

Yosemite National park.

A photo of Yosemite National Park, California, taken by Jesse.

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You can reach out to set up a consultation, ask an accessibility question, tell your best dad joke, or just say hi!